Meatball Forming Machine SWP140_DS

Daily Production Capacity : 2.000Kg

Compressorless Refrigerated System

SWP140_DS (Compressor) It works without the need for air, it can stack 1-6 rows of burger patties on top of each other, thanks to its greaseproof paper apparatus. The hopper cover opens and closes automatically. The greaseproof paper apparatus comes with the standard machine.

  • 140 mm maximum Hamburger [250gr]
  • 50 kg hopper capacity, hopper cover opens automatically.
  • 3480 pieces / hour Burger production and greaseproof paper apparatus comes with the standard machine in this model. (You can use a maximum of 145x145mm greaseproof paper)
  • Stacking 1-6 rows. It can also be printed individually if desired. (Compressor) It works without the need for air. It is stainless steel and complies with CE standards.
  • It is counter top type and its total weight is 260 kg.
  • All kinds of meatballs with a maximum size of 135×140 mm can be produced in a single machine with a single mold whose weight can be adjusted by speed control. 3480 pieces (58 strokes) meatballs are obtained very easily.
  • 1 mold next to the machine is included in the price.
  • There is a 2.2 KW (3 ph) gearmotor.
  • The design and production belongs to our company.
  • It is produced in Istanbul using 95% local parts.