Meatball Forming Machine AK140_DS

Daily Production Capacity : 2.000Kg

Compressorless Refrigerated System

AK140_DS (compressor) works without the need for air. Since the compressor is not needed, the electrical energy and oil consumption of the compressor is eliminated.

  • IIt is resistant to a maximum pressure of 2.000Kg  per day (35.250 X mold cavity).
  • It has a satin matte stainless outer surface.
  • Press 2 times in 1 round
  • Its body, chamber part, mixers and conveyor are made of 304 quality stainless steel; conveyor belt antibacterial polyethylene; molds of polyethylene and delrin; Top plate is made of 5083 series anodized – aluminum material.
  • its total weight is 230 kg.
  • There is a 2.2 KW (3 ph) gearmotor.
  • Its reservoir has a capacity of 50 kg.
  • All kinds of meatballs with a maximum size of 135×140 mm can be produced in a single machine with a single mold whose weight can be adjusted by speed control. 3600 pieces (60 strokes) meatballs are obtained very easily.
  • It works with 220-230 V 50hz electricity.
  • It has passed 1000 volt electrical and occupational safety tests and obtained “CE” certificate.
  • automatic lid opening feature has been added.