Meatball Forming Machine AK100_DSC

Daily Production Capacity : 1.000Kg

Compressorless Refrigerated System

Thanks to the top plate cooling system and multi-air flow fan system, which we have fully integrated in our cooled model machine, continuous cooling is provided at the base. Like other machines, it works without the need for pneumatic (air) and hydraulic (oil) reinforcement.

  • It is resistant to a maximum (31.500 x mold cavity) 1000 kg printing per day.
  • It has a satin matte stainless outer surface.
  • Press 2 times in 1 round
  • Its body, chamber part, mixers and conveyor are made of 304 quality stainless steel; conveyor belt antibacterial polyethylene; molds of polyethylene and delrin; Top plate is made of 5083 series anodized – aluminum material.
  • its total weight is 145 kg.
  • There is a 0.75 KW (1 ph) gearmotor.
  • Its reservoir has a capacity of 20 kg.
  • All kinds of meatballs with a maximum size of 100×120 mm can be produced in a single machine with a single mold whose weight can be adjusted by speed control. 3600 pieces (60 strokes) meatballs are obtained very easily.
  • It works with 220-230 V 50hz electricity.
  • It has passed 1000 volt electrical and occupational safety tests and obtained “CE” certificate.
  • Meat processing and meatball preparation department ensures that the meat is prepared at the appropriate temperature (below +10 degrees) in unsuitable businesses. It limits the growth of micro-organisms in the meatball dough and contributes to the protection of the cold chain. It allows the meatballs to come out in a more form and orderly manner.
  • Since the compressor is not needed, the electrical energy and oil consumption of the compressor is eliminated. The most important feature of the system is its silent operation.
  • Compressor: 1/6 hp, cooling capacity 51watt
  • Capillary Dimensions: 0.78×4.0
  • Copper Pipe Diameters: Discharge Line 1/4 Suction Line 1/4
  • Cooler Section Copper Tube Length: 2.5 Meters
  • Outdoor Unit Condenser Section: 25×15 cm
  • Outdoor Unit Fan Motor: 220v
  • Refrigerant: R134a refrigerant gas