About Us

Altuntaş Makina Sanayi

Altuntaş ‘was first established in 2003 in Topçular / Eyüp district by our founder İbrahim Altuntaş.
Since the day it was founded, it has managed to remain loyal to its principles and has always aimed at quality.
Believing in the power and reliability of domestic production, Altuntaş has proven its dedication to domestic production in its field and continues to progress on this path.
Domestic production for both time and country benefits as well as the user’s; It is a fact that it has an interest in the need for spare parts, technical service and finding a contact.
The goal of our company is to be a leader and pioneering company in the machinery industry and to maintain our leadership with our technological investments.
To become a global brand that works with the best quality, timely delivery and always developing technology. In service; to provide quality, accuracy and stability.
To announce the name of Altuntaş machine in world standards in the field of industry, it makes reliable and quality production.