AKF 3702 Meatball Form Machine Pneumatic (compressorless)

    System the nature's of work with air. The businesses which using pneumatic(compressor) meatball form machine, must have compressor. Our machines work with 220-230 V 50hz electricity.

Technical Features:

  • Machine can make maximum (21.000 X chamber mold) 600 kg. per a day.
  • Sandblasting stainless outer surface
  • Machine's maiden by body, tank, mixers an conveyor 304 quality inox stainless, conveyor bands anti-bacerial polythene, forms polythene and delrin, top table 5084 series anodized-aluminum material.
  • Machines weight 115 kg. Machine has a gearmotor with 1.1 KW (1.48 horse) power.
  • Machines tank's capacity is 20 kg.
  • Maximum 98x120 mm in size, every form to meatball can made in a machine. Owing to speed kontrol, with can be adjusted the grammage single form max. 330 piece (55 shoot) meatball obtained very easy.
  • Our macine passed by 10000 volt electricity and work safety tests and take "CE" certificate.