About Us

As Altuntaş Makina Sanayi we are providing daily service from 2003. We always set the mission for ourselves to serve with an innovative perspective in the sector.
When our customers begin to use our products, they are more valuable to us because we give our customers continuous feedback and direct our products and AR-GE.
Each customer's return to us is very valuable. We are aware that our business is continuing after sales. As long as our companies that prefer our products continue their commercial activities, we are with all their sincere support.
We keep our sincere approach at the same level without separating our big and small business. Our view is a professional spirit, but we are excited and sincere are the constant amateur spirit. You know that the amateur spirit is always excited and sincere that we do not lose it.

Our range of products is very wide, We produce both Meatball Formation Machines and Cookie Formation Machines. Our expertise in both sectors increases our product range. We also like to make differences in our products, for example we have very different molds in meatball products. So you can use ordinary round meatball as a mold, if you want to make a difference in our business, you can also use our star-shaped kalbimiz. Of course, the molds of our local flavors are also present in our products.

We acquire every certificate of every document what we require quality production standards to create brand value and to ensure our corporate integrity. It has become our own internal discipline. All our employees have adopted this situation by all our engineers. AR-GE's and our customers' returns are evaluated in this framework.
Our job is totally a team job. We have the same spirit and enthusiasm as our employees who produce, as much as our AR-GE employees who make drawings. I would like to point out that, especially if businesses can adopt their mission and vision to all their colleagues. This is the biggest reason for our success. Our whole team has embraced this spirit ....
General manager